Company Info.

Founded in Nov. 23, 2006, Fontek Co., Ltd. has been a professional distributor of semiconductor components, cooling fans and a professional designer of cooling modules, both locally and globally in Taiwan.

These products are widely used in cloud computers, 5G communications, household appliances, Auto industry, multimedia, Automation Industry and related industries. Such as telecommunication (core network system, wireless base station, PBX), networking (switches, routers, LANS, set-top boxes), server and storage, instrumentation (medical equipments, industrial test equipment, power suppliers), automobile and train, energy and power, LED application, consumer electronics and personal computing application (desktops, laptops, printers and console video game systems). And use years of international experience to provide customers with customized cooling fan design and cooling module production. Solve the problem of product application for customers. Therefore, Fontek has successfully played a role in connecting parts manufacturers with end users in the electronics industry.

With efficient sales and management team, Fontek is very alert to the up-to-date requests from suppliers and customers. In addition to keep the good relationship with suppliers and customers, Fontek also provides customers with total solution services.

Our constant efforts has won the trust and recognition of customers. Our Headquarter is located at Taipei City, Taiwan. We also have branch offices in Taichung, Kaohsiung and China to offer our overall services through these marketing networks.

Currently, Fontek has competitive Cooling Fan / Memory / Optical product lines and actively developing more new products to enhance our services and diversification.

Business Philosophy

All the operation follows our four philosophies (HPIC) to make any business strategies. We believe we could create the biggest value for the clients based on the philosophies and burden of continuous-developed social responsibility.


Honesty is the core value of Fontek. From research, production, quality-control, sales to training, we run our business based on the attitude of truth & honesty. In our faith, Truth & Honesty builds the trust between the clients and us. That’s the only way for sustainable business-running.


Strict examination ensures top quality products for our clients. It reduces the risk of international business; good quality itself reduces the cost for further dealing.


Our R&D team has been devoted to the innovation on the technology and the design of the product. The trend of the market is always updated to create the new opportunity. We effort to be the leader in the Electronic product cooling solution industry and make sure the customers having sustained profit in the market.


Pollution is also one of the major threats to our earth. The increase in the sources and extent of pollution are threatening our efforts to maintain healthy societies. From starting our business, we insist our faith about the protection of our fragile ecology. Before related environmental clauses made from the government, we follow our faiths to build the clean environment for the next generation.